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Is cannibalism such a big deal? I mean.. from an objective standpoint, eating a "fresh" dead person is not that far from eating beef. It`s still meat, it`s still a carcass and if you were directly served a steak, most people couldn`t figure out what they`re eating. Killing a person in order to eat him is seriously wrong, nothing to argue about here. But eating an already dead person because of hunger doesn`t seem that bad to me. I just read an article about cannibals in Ghana and it made me think that if I was hungry and with no means to get me other type of food, I`d take a bite..

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  • It is also not normal to eat an animal that wasn't slaughtered or killed in an violent accident... So in your example, you need to take a human that was killed by accident. Additionally, there is a cultural consent that part of human dignity is being sure that you'll be treated with a minimum respect after you deceased. So our exemplary victim would have to agree before his accidental death. Finally, the corpse would have to be bled dry before the blood clods, you'd have to butcher the corpse and remove the intestines and the meat should be checked for trichinosis. Given all these conditions, I don't see any serious moral concerns about that.

  • Humans aren't meant to eat omnivores (aside from the pig who's genetically made for consumption) cows and chickens and all other kinds of animals are herbivores and good for humans. but if you eat like lion, crocodile, humans, hawks, or other predetory creatures you can get viruses, larvae eggs and what not that your immune system cannot handle. It is your own choice if you want to eat human meat, but the chance of diseases are so fast, and human isn't a healthy peace of meat considering everything so.... yeah. Logic outweighing ze german fetish, jah? :-P

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