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Growing up in a family where whatever I'd say didn't mean anything, no one respected my opinions, I wasn't heard, I was just molded to be the way my parents wanted me to be, made me stop trying to be heard and understood. I learned to shut up whenever I have something to say and keep it all to myself. Now, I'm already in my twenties but, unfortunately, still living with my parents, and they're slowly realizing that I've been quieter and quieter lately. They've been asking me several times 'what is wrong with me' in the past few months. I just hope that the next time they ask me that again I won't explode and tell them everything they don't want to hear.

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  • Dont let anybody tell u shut up.. u have a special brain which knows what to think how to make decisions . Dont ask for permission to be yourself ..

  • You may want to write every disrespectful situation which you remember down a. You can answer their questions like "what do you exactly mean " b. You assure yourself of your story c. You won't forgive too easily. Like the French say... Courage, hein !!!

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