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I miss my X... It feels like my heart is one big aching tumor! We had been together for 4,5 years, lived together for 1 year, and I moved out 3 years ago.. Now I miss him so badly, and I want him back, but he is afraid he might get hurt. And truth is I love him, I want him, but I am scared I might lose interest as soon as he is mine again.... Maybe I am just hurting because he is moving on, and I am loosing him, and he wont be ''mine'' anymore..

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  • You love the idea of him but not him

  • The reason you left him was probably because you lost the so called" butterfly feeling", this can often be mistaken by losing your love for someone. The difference is that the butterfly feeling is basically the same thing as falling in love, and when you've hit the ground you feel like you don't love him any more. But the truth is that you acctually love him, you just stopped falling. The butterfly feeling can be brought back if you take a break from each other, that is the reason why you want to be with him again, because it feels like it felt when you had just met. If you two get back together and your butterflies dissapear, don't worry they are there, they just switched form.

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