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I'm such a bad luck Brian, my boyfriend and I haven't had sex for weeks so I tried to initiate last night. A big thing for me because I'm pretty sensitive. He rejects me which leaves me humiliated, then the next morning I go to work early and the cafe I work at is really empty. They also don't even give me a stool to sit on so I'm meant to stand for hours with no lunch break, which of course you can understand is shitty. So hours into a dead shift I check I check my phone a few times, even the boss was on his - that's how boring the shift was. Then for literally three minutes I go to the toilet and I see the boss and his daughter whispering and they stop when I come out. He then beckons me to another room and fires me for checking my phone, even though I did had washed everything up and served every single customer who bothered to come in. So I come home starving and tearful and see that a huge spider has spun a web across my front door and is proudly sitting in the middle of it. My life fucking sucks.

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  • wow you should have written a bad review for that place

  • Not to belittle these events but I think you'll laugh about this one day..

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