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as a 22 years old syrian guy ... i feel like i need to tell you this story ... as of 2011 my country went to total chaos ... and now after 3 years and going to the 4th i lost 15 friends so far , and none of them died due natural causes ... bombs, sniper shots, mortar shells, explosive cars, etc etc ... for the past 6 months i was trying to leave my country and go anywhere ... but due to the inflation we are suffering from , my money means nothing ... recently i tried to travel to malaysia since we still have good relations with them ... no luck, tickets are very expensive and people here are trying to rip you off in any way possible making you pay more for something only they can do ... and now on the 1st of october at midnight i will try to kill myself ... my only way out of this shit life i am living ... suicide is a permanent solution for a temporary problem ... it has been 3 years so far and i dont see any bright side to live on ... if i had one last thing to say ... enjoy your life, at least you dont have snipers,mortar shells, bombs or any of these stuff where you live ... live happily and raise your children good ( i apologize for my bad english, although it doesnt matter now )

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  • Think of it this way, you owe it to your friends and relatives, dead or alive, to succeed. To make atleast something out of your life. Maybe you write a book about your experiences, maybe you work in whatever industry you're good at. Point is, you're a survivor and you have guilt because you made it. But for their sake, your friends and family, get out of Syria and build a life, any life. It is possible, people have done more with less. It's your choice on what to do now, but if you need hope/purpose, then remember that you made it and you have a chance. Don't let that go to waste.

  • You are a good soul. My folks and me will pray for you and your murdered friends. If you can't live try to exist, trade your kindness, regrets,anger,sadness and all emotions in just to keep going. Sometimes you will have to abandon your humanity and reason. It hurts know it is going to hurt even more in no time. I'm a mercenary and i know about the syrian situation and the pain of the people there. Turn all your living into your survival instinct, start walking the bloody road of reality until your country and your people get better. Something like this, somtimes need 10 or 15 years to work , but the first time you smile and love again, it will be the start of your second life. Believe me fadi it's no mans fate to die by his own hands, even if it is one way easy to take.

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