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I have no idea where im going with my life. im in my second semester now and i already messed up 2 tests... With one of those im okay because i know i can ace that test next time, but the other one seems fucking impossible to me. im fucking scared to fail again. life gets fucking scary when you´re on your own.

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  • You are not alone! This is how every student feels, especially in the second semester. The first semester is all about making friends, partying and so on, but after that you realize that it´s the first time on your own and you feel the pressure on you and are afraid of failing. You know what, if felt exactly the same and so did many of my friends. It´s normal, don´t worry. And I´m sure you will pass that test! I´m in my last semester now, writing my thesis for my bachelor´s degree and I´m still afraid of totally failing. But this feeling will pass, and once you achieved the things you worked for, you will see that it was worth the hard work. Good luck!

  • Breathe and study in small intervals . Good luck :)

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