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I want to have sex with my best friend (girl) but I don't want a relationship just keep the friendship

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  • well who doesn't?

  • Okay, the truth here is you dont want to get in a relationship with her but you still want to fuck her... okay. Ask yourself why you dont want a relationship with her? If you feel that close to her and want to step it up to the next level why dont you want to be her boyfriend then? What's so wrong with it? Maybe your scared that if you date each other and break up, then maybe the friendship will break too and you dont want that. Or maybe you have a commitment issue that you need to face. With her being your best friend having sex with her without getting into a relationship is going to destroy the friendship so badly and there's not much you can do to recovery it after that. Look at what your saying and how it looks, thw whole friends with benefits is disrespectful to her and to you both, can you really disrespectful her and your friendship like that? I doubt if you do. My advice is that it sounds like you care for her more and a good strong relationship is based on a strong friendship and it sounds like you do want to be in a relationship with her but your worried about something, I dont know you so I cant say what it is but you need to be honest with yourself and see that you want more then a friendship and talking to her about what you want and what your scared of will help you. Dont be scared to turn it into a relationship, it doesn't have to get serious right away, it's just a relationship, just keep talking to her through it all and you'll be okay. Sounds like you are ready to date her though.

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