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so theres this girl. she is everything anyone could ever want in a girl. she is so unbelievably beautiful, kind, caring, funny, her smile is brighter than the sun and her eyes shine like no other. she is perfect and ive had a massive crush on her for two years (or so). me and her are extremely close and everytime im with her my shit life doesnt seem so bad. only problem? shes dating this asshole who literally does not care about her at all. he drinks and lies and more than likely has cheated on her in the few months theyve been dating. she knows all this but pretends none of it happened and doesnt even care. i tried helping her boyfriend and being there for him (hes also an attention whore) but the only thing that did was make me hate him more than i knew i could hate somebody. because of this im not going to the homecoming dance, king of the hill (its a big football became between us and our rival school, biggest sports event of the year), and even prom i cant stand the sight of him. i hate the realization that nothing he could ever do would make her break up with him and she even defends him in most of the shit he does and alot of it is against her and making her seem like a worse person. ive tried to talk to her about it but she just smiles and nods and pretends like nothing ever happens, she even says theyre doing great. i just dont know what to do anymore but i cant stand the sight of them together, i feel so depressed and lost.

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  • I’m sorry your crush is involved with Asshole McGee. But obsessing about a girl who isn’t romantically interested in you, despite two years of lining away, is not going to ever have a good ending for you. Move on to someone more receptive so you can have your own relationship.

  • Don't worry keep up what your doing and be there for her..and go to homecoming ! She will probably come to you and say "I've got two tickets to iron maiden baby, come with me Friday don't say maybe."

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