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I've read this a lot on here about how a girl is in a relationship but her boyfriend won't let her talk to any of her guy friends. Like really? That's control. Shows selfishness. Let her talk to her guy friends. ( I know this situation can be reversed so guys if your girl won't let you talk to your girl friends same goes for your girlfriend) you can't tell someone they can't talk to their friends, I know you try to say, "well I dont trust the friend" unless they have proven and showed you why you shouldn't trust them, then yeah that's fine but still wonder if you cant trust them talking to their friends or dont trust the friend talking to them, then why are you still with them? If you can't trust something like this then walk. Simple. If you think their friends are going to start something then you should trust your partner not to give in and atop the situation. If your partner is the one that's being flirty then tell them that its not r ight. Know what is crossing the friendship line and what isn't. Simple but im surprised how many people on here dont get that. If your partner is telling you you cant talk to your friends, you're being controlled. Break it off if they really dont trust you just to talk to friends. Hope that clears things up. Didnt think I had to write that one down for you guys. Lol

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  • I have that situation now. I was an associate of one of my ex's that I dated in h.s. for a month and who my husband set me up with he got mad when he saw I had him on my fb pg he also made me remove a male Co worker and another h.s. friend that he has on his fb pg. What he doesn'tknow Iis I've been secretly talking to my ex for the last 3 yrs and we are totally cool and he has a girlfriend who I'm cool with. Wish my husband would get on board. because I am very outgoing he thinks it's I'm being a flirt. He gets mad if men at stores that he's gone to with me talk to me.

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