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I was already a year into a relationship with my abusive ex when she told me she was married with a kid. I didn't mind, she was my first, so I didn't know how it was supposed to be, so we still went out for some time, I really did love her. I got her pregnant, then she aborted the kid without letting me know. Abortion is illegal in our country, and after she did the same thing 2 more times(effectively killing 3 sons/daughters of mine), I knocked her up one more time then left her hanging. After that was done, I used her as a fu*kbuddy for 2 more years as revenge.

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  • Abortion isn't murder. So shush and get over it.

  • I agree with the revenge, but the reason is she not telling you about the abort, brcause if is just the abort, I don't see no problem.

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