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My girl went to a party ended up flirting with some one from her high school. He said " I used to have feeling for you" she encouraged him by replying "what kind of feeling"etc. He even jokingly proposed to her. Now problem is she knows I hate those things, she was free to leave if she irritated by my reserved nature. I never flirt with others and it makes me mad when one does with my girl. On top that boy was not a friend . I did tell her before not to such acts. I cant leave her. She will cry and keep texting me to take her back. But im hurt. I felt backdated and tried to change me. But failed. Maybe im who I am.

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  • first i wanted to say that in my opinion flirting with other people while in a relationship is not that bad. me and my bf both do it, but not if were out together and only if were being hit on. works fine for us. we love each other but why refuse other people compliments ;) secondly: you can't control her, if she wants to do it, she will. but you could ask her not to do it when you're around. i don't think thats to much to ask for. for us too it would be disrespectful if were out together and one of us is always gone hitting on other people.

  • Stop dating people until you can control your jealousy

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