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So I met this man online, a bit older than me, we kinda hit it off, but he keeps pushing to moving faster, and hid excuse is that he's older and sick and tired of being alone and can't wait to meet me and start a relationship and get married. Me on the other hand I want to take things slowly. Because I know that when we meet in person one of us might change their mind, it happens and I'm okay with it. I asked him to come visit me in my country, but he's caring for his very sick mother and working on an important project, so I understood it and said I'll be the one visiting him, the only thing is that getting a visa and tickets to his country is so expensive and hard. So I told him that if i manage to save up money and get my visa I might be able to visit next spring or summer. I also work full long shifts daily even on weekends, I don't even have time to go and start the paper work, unless I call in sick from work to try and find the time. He offered to pay and insisted I visit on christmas, but I refused, I'm not going to take money from a guy who I knew just for 2 months and it might or might not work out with him. Yesterday, we were talking and i mentioned how happy I am for finally getting one weekend off and that I'll finally get to see my friends and family after a whole month of not seeing them. His reply: so that's all you'll do on your days off, see family and friends? (Hinting that I should be working on my visa instead) And he logged off and stopped talking to me. Is he acting like a child or am I just imagining stuff?

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  • Thank you guys, i always had that gut feeling, thinking something might be wrong. I didnt contact him and ofcourse he's waiting for me to make the first move and apologize. i'm cutting him off completely, i cant deal with pushy people.

  • I agree with the others,please stay away from him! Those people can be really dangerous! You think you know him,but you don't. Try to get to know someone close to you and in your age and keep the creepy,manipulative dudes away!

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