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My boyfriend is screwed in the head. Yesterday, he was supposed to meet with some friends, I told him I`d rather stay home and that I`m going to order some pizza because I`d be starving by the time he got home. He said either he comes home before his meeting to bring me something to eat or I have to wait until he comes home. I said I should order if he`s going to stay long and he snapped and said that if I want to order pizza, I`m going to eat it alone for good. Today, while we were at the hospital because I needed some test, he got angry that we had to wait and said he thought we were going to finish in 2 hours and that he has work to do at his office. I told him he should go to work because I have to wait for my tests and then I`ll be able to get to my workplace alone. Again, he snapped and said that if he leaves to work, he leaves for good. I don`t fuc*ing understand what his fuc*ing problem is. I`m trying to find the best solution that suits him and he get mad at me. What the fuck? I told him there`s no need for him to stay with me at the hospital and that he should go solve his problems at work and he gets mad. What the fu*k ?

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  • I don't think anybody should date a person like that. You should talk to him, if he doesn't change then dump his ass..

  • Don't date kids

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