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I feel like I'm in competition with my cousin. Every one likes her more including my family. Seems like she's prettier but yet I get told we look a lot alike. She's 27 and I'm 22. She hangs out with more girls my age than I do. I go to college an am clean and sober and trying to do something with my life. She's a pot head with a kid and working at a restaurant here in town. I'm not saying she's a bad person because she's not I love her but we are just different and I always feel insecure with myself when I'm around her. I don't feel like I even fit in my family or even in my own life or skin. I'm not jealous because I don't want to be like her but just have always felt like she has it better in our family than I do including with my own parents.

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  • Your family loves you in a different way than the show to your cousin. Maybe your family gives her anything more than what they give to you to help her with her life problems, and you should feel more... I mean, maybe you don't realize your family affection to you

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