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I don't know how to make you guys belive me... But seriously my religion, islam never teach to do violent act. It teachs me to respect and live in peace. So those terorrist are not a muslim even if they claimed to be one. They don't follow what has been thought.

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  • I'm muslim, and unfortunately you don't know enough about your own religion. There is plenty of evidence in the Quran for demonising and humiliating the kuffaar i.e. disbelievers. It's not just Islam, plenty of other religions have caused mass suffering in the past, you just can't negotiate with someone who says their holy book contains the ultimate truth sent down by God.

  • I don't think people see the Muslim reglion as one that teaches violence, but they think more along the lines of "people in the middle east are stupid and backward which is why they have bad governments and kill eachother all the time."

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