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I am job hunting, because my contract ends this year. I cannot get myself to apply for jobs, because I automatically assume that I won't get it and don't apply, and it is making me feel bad because of it.

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  • Bro-tip, even though I`m a girl: when going over the required skills for a position, keep in mind that`s the profile for the "ideal" candidate and you don`t have to check every requirement to feel confident to apply for the job. Even companies know it`s almost impossible to find the "perfect" match, so they`ll also go for the "second best". If you have 3 skills from the 5 listed, you should be good to go. Then there`s the interview and that`s a different story

  • i had the same problem. at some point you just have to say "fuck it". apply to everything your profile matches no matter what your brain says. worst case scenario: you don't get the job. i had this weird feeling for a long time that those recruiters would look at my application and start laughing, thinking "omg how did she ever think she could get that job". except they deal with this stuff everyday, maybe some of them even made fun of my application, but then they just throw it away and forget about it. so just apply for jobs, never mind about they might be thinking, because they probably don't think all the bad stuff you're imagining.

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