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I have this one amazing girlfriend that always there for me. We have been seeing each other for almost half year, but sometimes I feel insecurities and my mind playing tricks on me. I am an average guy with an average everything. I don't drive cars like many other guys do around my Uni. My girlfriend? She comes from a good family. She is pretty and awesome, I love her with all of my heart. But the thing is that sometimes I feel like we are just like two side of a penny, I feel there is a lot of differences between us. For instance, she is a fashionist. She knows how to dress nicely. In the other hand I always wear shirts, jeans, and converse everywhere I go. Simple, eh? My girlfriend's ex are those dudes who drive cars, dress like 1D, and loves to hang out. Me? I prefer books and camping for a week in the highlands. See? Our background is different, but things have been good for our relationship. She approves me for what I am, but sometime I feel that I have to be a better person for her. What should I do, strangers? We are looking forward to start a family together. I figure that I have to be good in everything for her dream is to have somewhat aristrocatic and wealthy family life. Any wise word to keep me going?

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  • You're a catch. you love your gf and you're thinking of why she chose you because you feel you aren't worthy of her. That is the reason she wants you. because time and time again you show her with your manners and the way you treat her (her friends/family/etc) that you are worth it, that you would be an awesome father too. go get er tiger :D

  • Opposites attract.

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