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So last saturday me and my friends (also the girl I like) went to her place after a party - to chill and relax before going home. Another girlfriend spent the night at her place (lives too far away etc...) and the rest of us left. The next day the girl, that stayed overnight, called and asked me angrily, why I left yesterday as the girl that I like would've loved to spend the night with me, I left in the first place because I thought nothing would happen, as another person would be there, besides me and the girl I like. And now it's f*****ing killing me that I, idiot, left her place instead of spending the night with her. Now she could also have the impression, that I don't want to be more than friends wit her. Sorry for the long story.

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  • You could, y'know, use words? 'Hm I now know my crush likes me, damn, missed my chance!' No, you know your crush likes you so ask her out?! Idiot. You can very quickly fix her having the impression you don't fancy her by (brace yourself, amazing wisdom coming at you right now) telling her you fancy her! jfc

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