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I went to my therapist to have a talk about the future what kind of therapy would be right for me. She told me in a group meeting they had talked about it and I need emotional dealing therapy in a group. I just sat there and thought oh please help me :l I can't even talk about emotions or feelings in a one on one talk. How will I ever be able to talk in a group without pulling my big castle up and my mask on. It scares the crap out of me. I really don't even know if I can get the energy to get to the meetings.. :(

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  • i tried an psycologist and i have the same problem, she wants to get rid of me because she thinks im OK, but i just pretend im OK and dont ler she to get rid of me, its passes 2 to years and i couldnt talk shit to her

  • You'll make it yet ! The others in the group will be in the same stages as you. You'll also get to see how others have dealt with their problems.

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