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I feel so bad even today one year afer the break up for leaving him, because I know I was dear to his heart, but I could not forget that he could not stand for me in front of his family that he let his mother mistreat me, that he could notstop using my body. I want to tell him that I never loved him because it will make me happy , it would give me the illusion that I never loved him, it will hurt him as I was hurt. Today I am confused, today I am scared to trust a man and realise after that no matter how many I love you and how much I give my time , love patience, soul care , tenderness, no matter what it wont be enough and he wont take me as his in ront of his family members. It hurts deep to feel that you are good to fuck good to hang out with in front of friends but not good enough to present to family. I feel used I feel worthless sometimes, cause I gave him my everything, but was notgood enough for his family. Not good enough for his mother, his father and him not a man enough to say this is my woman. No i am not ugly, no I am not a drug addict or any bad thing . I am a good woman as many , I work , cook love my family and friends as many, but it seems that good was not enough for them.

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  • Don't worry. It's kinda a trap, seeking his approval. A complete break may give you perspective.

  • Well he was an asshole so don't feel bad

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