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Please tell me, when will you know he's the one? Not just a friend and not just someone you admire. But someone that made for you

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  • You don't know. The so called one is the one that in that moment you feel good with. It's doesn't make it the one that will last forever. Although, here will be somebody that will be there forever, you just need to make it work, to learn with the former ones, and make it work with the last one.

  • I think you have to understand what "the one" means though. This is the person whom you have an incomparable connection to. Doesn't mean everything will be perfect with him/her but you both should be able and very much willing to love the good and bad parts of each other. It should also be the kind of relationship that brings out the best in both of you. Finding the one is finding someone who will help you feel fulfilled in your life. And don't worry, there will always be someone like that for you.

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