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My boyfriend can get so absorbed in his gaming that I end up being bored and lonely so I get tempted to go hang out with guys whom I know like me that I find good looking. I have this urge to cheat but whenever I'm with the other guys, I only miss my boyfriend. I think I'm just insecure. But I'm fighting it and not letting my good man go. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I'm not gonna let myself fuck up! I truly do love him even if I get bored every now and then. But it does make me wonder, is it okay to get bored of your boyfriend? Or is that a bad sign?

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  • why don't you just go and start fucking him while he's playing? i'm pretty sure he will stop from gaming at that moment

  • you should tell him that gaming after sex is awesome. And if the answer is no that your going to ask his friends the same question

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