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one of my boyfriends favorite things to do is suck, bite, and lick my boobs. he's completely obsessed with them. I'm not complaining I just don't really understand why... I'm only a 32B ..

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  • It doesn't matter if boobs are big, small, fake or real. The important thing is - to be allowed to touch, suck lick and bite them. And they have to "fit" in the overall appearance.

  • Coming from a boob lover here. I also love sucking and licking boobs, I think it is just THE sexual thing that turns me on the most. Why? I don't know. I just like 'em boobies too much. And about the size, seriously it doesn't matter, at least to me. And it seems that your BF doesn't mind either if he likes it so much. So don't worry about that.

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