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this question is for the women out there. would you date a guy about a 3-4 out of 10 if he was a millionaire. Approve if yes. Judge if no. Comment if you would but would only be init for the money and not really give the guy a chance.

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  • its not all about the looks but personality. u can be the richest man on earth, the most beautiful guy but if your personality sucks... u will have just one night stands or a bitch.

  • i used to have a mutual understanding with a guy who came from a rich family. I didn't date him becoz he has money because srsly it would be more easier if he wasn't rich. I dated him because he lets me treat him normally not like someone so special. And he's not big-headed as well with his status. And that makes him special. Too bad though, we can never me. I'm way too out of his league. I'd date either a millionaire or not as long as he's kind to me. :)

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