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I live in Greece and we have one of th shittiest educational systems . The grades of all 3 years in hight school and some exams at 3rd grade of high school define the rest of your life, briefly. And we have lessong I hate, like ancient greek and religiour education (I don't know its name) and the grade of these bloody lessons in all 3 years count, even if your major is in maths, physics etc!!! And we have to read the whole fuc*ing book, ALL of the fucking books (they're 15, more or less, and they have 200-500 pages each one) to take a good grade in your exams (4 subjects, 2 of which are from a governmental "databank" of subjects, are picked by luck and aer different for each school). And a guy who has studied more may take a worse grade than sb who barely opened their books, because the latter had easier subjects!!

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  • Reading books with 200-500 pages is something every student should do

  • I live in Greece too so I know what you feel, but think what i think, it's only three years and then the real world calls let's see what those who got higher grades (which they don't deserve) trying to susceed in life.

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