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i'm having a hard time with best friend. i've become really ill two years ago and he treated me like shit. he couldn't think that i was with a serious disease and couldn't stand his constant arguing with me. like one time in the subway he knew more than anyone besides my family that i was going through a rough time with the treatments but still he had to annoy me to death teaching me how to read the stations signs in the carriage! even after i expressively told him that i've got bigger things on my mind. and other things, many more. he's a cause of distress in my life because he's a stubborn mule who can't even concieve that are times to stay quiet. he even told me "to get over it". that fuckin prick! i try not to think about it and despite some considerable time has passed i hate him so much right now and it makes me sad that good decent people don't want anything to do with me.

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  • I've been depressed, and some people acted like that -not understanding, keep telling me "to get over it", that "it's not being ill", etc. Trust me, even if, he was, at some point, your best friend, you DON'T deserve someone like that. Leave him, find people that treat you decently. It will get better. You have all my hugs :(

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