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I have no friends. Often times when I think I've made a friend or at least an acquaintance, they change their attitudes the very next day. Funny thing is, I'd observe them sustain the same attitude and friendliness among each other. Nothing hurts more than seeing people who you thought you've finally gotten along with suddenly head the other way when they run into you. I don't even know what I've done wrong. Never have any offensive things or actions came of me at any time. I guess I'm just not likeable. At best, I'm a placeholder until they find better people to establish different kinds of relationships with.

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  • your right don't change yourself for others (who knows their expectations, anyways? ) if you like yourself, that's all you need! but , it does sound like your way over thinking things , which irritates and pushes others away , just relax and be happy with you

  • ask yourself why are you a placeholder stop faking yourself and be yourself

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