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I just recently had a child, and over the pregnancy gained 60lbs.I went from being 6 ft 1 and 130lbs to weighing 190lbs. the most I've ever weighed previous was 150lbs. I feel disgusting. but I've been trying to eat right and not starve to lose the weight , which is a habit of mine, in order to breastfeed my son. I'm eating right and exercising regularly. my son is underweight at 4 months old. my husband blames me for not in taking enough calories. He doesn't understand how hard I've been working to help my son. and it hurts like crazy that I'm to blame. I hate that he blames me. even if it's true. I just .... can't stand how I look right now. it's horrific

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  • As a man i can tell you this, we men are stupid and child like. What your husband said maynot be true and i bet he doesnt think that its your fault either. He must have said that cause he is worried about your son and as i mention in the very first sentence, it cant be helped. So dont take it on your heart. Having said that, about the weight issue, i suggest you to keep on doung what you are doing and dont give up, we those stupid celebs can get into shape after pregnancy then so can you. There is nothing to feel disgusting about. You are a parent and parents make sacrifices, be a proud mom and dont listen to anyone. Constant exercise and proper eating will get you there. About your baby, make sure to breastfeed him atleadt till he is 8 months old. There is nothing more nutritious than a mother's milk. Take him for check ups regularly.

  • Breastfeeding burns a ton of calories. Use it to shed the baby fat. Pump if you have to.

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