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I have a wunderfull girlfriend of 1.5 years, which i love with all my heart. We are quite happy. She has a little mental dissorder, which i dont mind, she still has a beautiful mind and is loyal till the end. Problem is i smoke marihuana in secret, since she is against every "drug" there is. I always try to snap some time of the day to smoke some, she has no clue. Ive been doing this for over a year now. Should i stop (for her), or should i still do it since i really like the effects it has on me? I feel pretty bad sometimes hiding it from her. Any suggestions?

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  • The logical option is to stop, she might leave you if you tell her but doing it and hiding from her isn't right either. Try to stop gradually by lowering the doze everyday, well that is if you want your gf more than drugs.

  • either u stop or u tell her if u want it to be a serious relationship buddy

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