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Im 92 kg, 173 cm, and i feel awful and fat and ugly, even if people say that im pretty and sexy (i have huge boobs).

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  • To the stupid bitch who thinks she all that: being thin doesnt make you beautiful or happy, anf you shoikd not be so confident cause you are ugly on the inside

  • @former comment: you should jump off a cliff or shoot yourself in the fucking face you arrongant brat, thats what you should do. People like you make me sick to the stomach who boost their confidence by making disdainfull and scornfull comments about others. People like you are the real burden on others and yourself. One's body can change but the filth in the mind can not be cleansed. And your ego makes you tell me to kick you in the f**king a** so hard that it comes out of your filthy mouth.

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