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I really hate my boyfriends mother because she is the most lazy person i have met and she is the size of a silver back gorilla (600lbs). I have actually thought about killing her slowly by getting her mcdonalds all the time and just waiting for her arteries to clough up. She is a huge burden in his life.

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  • Actually i have compared his life to that sooo many times it really seems like it is. Least the mother on whats eating gilbert grape was alot more humble/nice to gilberts girlfriend. It sucks..it annoys me that people think im a terrible person but really step into my shoes. I hardly get a night with my boyfriend cause hes either working or being his moms slave. Get this shit..she had a terrible gambleing addiction shes actually banned from a state and she was 15,000 dollars in debt and about to lose the house...my boyfriend had a good hefty life saveings account...but he had to pull his lazy irresponsable mom out of that one. She makes me mad so much cause she is such a lazy b.i.t.c.h.

  • Is your bf Gilbert Grape? Yeah girl needs some vegetables and self discipline.

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