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I am not religious. I just cannot imagine there is a god (or several), but sometimes i wish i could. It just feels so weird that really religious people would say that god is the greatest and everything, but if he was why would he put us through so much crap? It would be easier for me to believe that he is trying his best, but that he is not perfect, just like us normal people. So this ones for you, religious people on confesster ;) what do you make of it? and please no religion bashing in the comments (or some weird fanatical shit either)

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  • Dude there can be a zilliin reasons for you to be cured and besides i find it hard to believe that you were "chosen " to be cured by god, there are millions of people dying out there due to horrible and fatal deseases yet god chose to cure your already managable desease. Isnt that a little convenient? Besides i bet you had been praying since day one and not before the day you got "miraculously" cured. And your last comment boggles my mind. How am can you talk about common sense so easily when you are talking about grace and faith? Faith means believe, that too utter and eternal. You can either have faith or common sense. And i choose common sense. "You need to ignore historical facts and events in order to be correct" can't you sense how ridiculous that sounds? XD and you talk about common sense... XD

  • Lol, the very two sentences of your confession contradict the rest of it. You said you "cant imagine there is a god", but the rest of your confession and your comments make you sound like a believer with queries. I personally think tha we humans are emotionally very weak creatures, and to counter that and the hardships we go through, we create the illusions like god merely to satisfy our insecurities and to make believe that we will be saved if we follow "certain rules". These things kill your curiosity to know and thats what it has always been about, to kill our curiosity. All the miracles and the personal experience in the former comment proves my point. This guy never thought that there could be a scientific reason to his sudden "healing" because he thinks that god has saved him and that is why he will never know the real truth behind his sudden cure. Thats what blind faith does to you. We humans can never achieve greatness unless we think beyond the bible.

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