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I want to be a carpenter but my mom and dad have saved all their lives for me to go get an higher education. I have gotten strait a's and b's in Europe's grade system and now they, my teacher and all my relatives tries to force me to dont go carpenter school becouse im "to smart"

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  • You know, go to university, man, study something you enjoy - business, history, whatever. Then, incorporate this knowledge into your carpentry business. I'm working to be a writer, so I went to study literature and language. In the meantime, I work as a language teacher (which I also enjoy).

  • Do what YOU want, it's your future we're talking about, so it's important to choose the job that will make YOU happy every day, not your relatives. And if you change your mind in a few years, you can still go to university if you want to... It's not permanent!

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