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I'm 27 yo and have my engineer diploma. I live with my parents and am unemployed. Every week I lie to my parents about not finding a job because don't even search for a job. And I don't search for a job because I feel like a useless lazy piece of shit that has no skill in what he does. Also I'm scared of interviews and now I waited for so long that I think employers will reject me for that long period of unemployment with no justification.

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  • Same story here, even though i'm only 21y/o and i don't have an engineer diploma (you see, i'm even worse than you !). You have a great diploma, employers won't reject you just because you're a little insecure, you already have great qualification !

  • How dare you! as some one who would kill to have an engineering diploma. how dare you wast that opportunity and money spent on your education!

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