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i feel kinda wierd because i approve some kinda of facist government because i think that if correctly input in a country it may be beneficient for it economies and industry, i have some arguments but people are ignorant when i mention this

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  • You may, of course, approve fascism, but it all boils down to this: human dignity and personal freedom. If you are willing to let go of your personal freedoms for a "higher cause", that's alright. Remember that fascism is never really about a country, but about what some people think is good for the country. For example, no religious freedom, no sexual freedom, no right to choose who will represent you or your interests, no right to complain, publicly or in private, no right to privacy and so on and so on. Basically, a fascist regime removes all personal freedoms and enforces this removal by force and terror. Believe me, I lived in a fascist regime, and the terror of doing anything that will draw attention to you is not worth the (often exaggerated) economic progress. I remember once my father beat me because I asked him if he was a republican or a democrat (He kept asking me who told me to ask him that while he beat me) - I had heard something about the American elections and I was too young to understand not only the difference in political systems, but the danger of asking him that. No, man, fascism sounds good, sometimes, but the tradeoff is too great.

  • Fascism may benefit the country it is implemented in but doesn't end as well with nearby countries perceived as weaker. Further more class issues would lesson to an extent as its always easier to unite a people against something. So I see your point, say what you will about Hitler but that guy was an economic hero to Germany in his time. However I may add that on paper Communism and Socialism are equally amazing on paper. The problem in those lie in the freeloaders and the perceived value of a person's effort vs what they'd deserve.

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