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So, we have a work-colleague whose mother is a "friend" of the big boss. He`s been here for a year and a half and I don`t think I saw him actually doing something lucrative for more than 3 times. He`s extremely arrogant and extremely under-prepared. His arrogance made him go to an interview for a higher position and when he didn`t know to answer to the questions, he blamed our superior for not teaching him and not giving him work to do in order to learn. After this fiasco, our superior started throwing work his way but he`s lazy and uninterested so he never met deadlines. Eventually, our superior stopped giving him work to do because he couldn`t trust him to actually do it. We have half an hour free for lunch. All of us order and eat at the office. He`s the only person in the entire institution that goes out for lunch. Yesterday he went for lunch around 12. A female worked colleague asked him to get her a pizza when he returns. He came back from lunch after 1 hour and a half and without her pizza, because he forgot. When our superior told him it`s not nice to leave a pregnant woman starving, he joked and said maybe she won`t produce milk. What a dick joke to make to a pregnant woman. Like she was some cow. I fucking hate this guy. He does nothing all day, watches movies during worktime, leaves daily for an extended lunch and I`m hearing about the possibility for him to become our big boss. Because his mother fucks in the right places. If this guy becomes the boss of our institution, I`m going to the press. I can`t take this. I can`t take a fucker like this to boss me around. The press can`t wait for a corruption case.

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  • Ha! Welcome to the real world. This guy sounds like one of the better bosses to work for

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