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So I need advice... I want to wait until marriage before I lose my virginity. At the same time, one of the hottest young women I have ever met in my life is coming to visit soon. She kicks my hormones into overdrive with her seductive gestures and the way she teases me when we spend time together. I can physically feel my body temperature rising when I hug her, or she touches me in even the most innocent way... I cannot stop thinking about "what would happen if"... What if we start making out and then just keep going? Will I be able to live with myself afterwards? Why do I feel guilty when I think about her in that way? Anyone? :(

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  • You feel that way because your body and your mind are conflicting. You tell yourself that you want to remain a virgin, but you're human and that carnal part that is in us all is fighting to take over. Unless you change your mind, you'll keep having the conflict. I just hope that you make the decision that's right for you.

  • My husband was the same way when we were dating but after I got in his pants he felt bad for a day but Ultimately he felt fine about it and realized that enjoying himself wasn't the worst thing he could do.

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