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my biggest dream was to grow up in an american suburb. i'm 20 yo and from germany. i am a really big fan of 90's skatepunk music. i also love the show ''malcolm in the middle''. everytime i see this show i imagine how it is to grow up in the 90s in an american suburb. i almost cry because this lifestyle is so awesome and i can only imagine. is anyone here who can tell me how it was to grow up in the 90s in the usa? listen to bands like blink182, lagwagon, millencolin, strung out, face to face and so on, skating all day, going to high school, playing hockey in the streets and other activities ??

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  • I can promise you it was not that great. I spent more time trying to get good grades and cover bruises than having fun

  • Loved the 90s! I grew up in suburbs in USA. It was best time of my life. Life is what you make of it though, no matter where you live.

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