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I'm from the Netherlands and politics here is different from that in the U.S. We have multiple parties each with their own agenda that form a coalition. Instead of voting for seats and voting for a president we vote on a party that fits our views and a group of these parties rules the country for the next four years with the leader of the largest party being the president. Doing research on international politics i stumbled upon a american politician named Ron Paul. Now I have become a fan of his views, statements and agenda. In The Netherlands we don't really have a party or politician that embodies his visions. When i talk politics with my friends they just don't seem to want to understand what i like about his views. The freedom, the way he looks at healthcare and taxes. In my countrie with my work i earn around 55k euros, BUT i have to ''donate'' 52% (!) to our equivalent of the IRS. this while poeple who live of the sytem can get around 2200 euros a month in financial aid while just sitting at home and not having to pay more then 36% tax. And this is just the start, don't get me started on what i think of our bans on just about anything freedom related and how we arent allowed to own or do anything... The point of my story is i HATE how my friend act derogatory when i say these things, they call me an American and say i should just accept that the government is there to help, guide an protect us. And how i should be happy that we are looked after. This just infuriates me they just don't want to emphasize with me.. i don't want them to think the same as me just respect my views so we can have a normal conversation about it. I do love my friends it's just this thing. Excuse my English, I am not native. (as should be obvious by now)

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  • No political party, anywhere in the world, is actually interested to protect the citizens. Politics is among what`s wrong with our world. Because politicians make laws, but they are bought by companies and corporations so they make laws in the interest of the corporations, not the people. That`s why, in my country, the riot police beat and arrested elderly people who were protesting against shale gas fracking in their backyards. Which the corporation took from them, with help from the government, under the legal provison that said terrain will be used for "public interest" a.k.a fracking. I`d propose public executions for politicians who betrayed the country and the citizens who voted for them.

  • welcome to socialism, economies for lazy people

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