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People think I'm fine and over what's been troubling me, but truth is I just manage to hide it for as long as I'm in public. I just want it all to end. I'm never going to be happy, there's bruises that won't heal, memories you can't put behind you, years you can't get back, things it's too late to experience. Just getting out of bed is a pain when you hate yourself and knowing you can't change no matter what you do. No woman will ever love me, and I'm too socially inept to even comprehend how relationships work. I'm just an android. I'm not alive, I just watch others live their lives. I only want release.

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  • okay speaking from a logical point of view: there is not someone out there for everyone, but why should we focus and obsess on that thought because it will just waste time, energy and make you feel more depressed, why don't we just focus on our studies, our hobbies, developping our talents, helping others, being a useful person in this world, plenty of things out there can bring us joy, being with someone is not everything, trust me

  • You are mistaken. There is always someone. I used to think like you. But one day I woke up and tried to meet someone. And after several days I met someone I love. We are still together. Just do it. Here in Ethiopia we say one way or another we are going to be soil so there is nothing to worry about. Now I do and say whatever ibfrel is right. I hope you do the same. PS. The Ethiopian saying makes a lots sense in Amharic.

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