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Im married to a wonderful woman. I had a really good job but the company closed. Since then ive been going from job to job trying to find something permanent. Since i lost my job my wife has started pulling rank and starting fights with me for no reason. I makes me feel worthless. I find myself becoming more available when women flirt with me. I dont want to have an affair but the other women make me feel like i have value. What should i do?

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  • Ummm...your value really should not depend on your wife. It sounds like somehow you are starting to rely on your wife for everything. You're the one thinking that you're worthless not your wife, unless she has stated otherwise. If you are thinking about having an affair just so you feel that you have value then you do not deserve your wife. You do not see your wife finding another man who has more than you do, if she is as wonderful as you say she is then another man will see the same, have you ever thought of that? Your wife is sticking through this with you and all you can say is that you feel worthless and are thinking about having an affair and flirting with other women. If I knew you I would not consider you as a friend at all. This is all up to you, do not place blame on your wife.

  • Guess what? She is making you feel worthless. If you cheat on her she will have a legitimate reason to leave you with half your stuff. Isnt love wonderfull!

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