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I've always wanted to try a threesome with my gf and another girl. but it wont happen because my gf is reallly possessive

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  • I was just posting a confession stop trying to go on the holy mission to make me feel some type of way -.-

  • Actually it wouldn't really require you to be bi because you wouldn't to do anything to the guy you just have to let him fuck your gf. If your okay with fucking another girl besides your gf why wouldn't you be okay with your gf wanting to fuck another guy? In a threesome with another guy you just both fuck your gf at the same time, there are plenty of straight guys who do it. You're just a prude and making excuses because you're also possessive. Admit it, you just want to fuck another girl because as someone once admitted to me guys just want more of the same (not all guys of course) are you one of those? But unwilling to do the same for her? If she was willing to do it for you would you do it for her?

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