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My girlfriend's mom is a bitch, she makes my gf work around the house like a maid and after that she doesnt even give her dinner and tell my gf that she's a freeloader. My gf has leukemia and her mom doesnt want people around her know that she's sick, even her dad and siblings. Im thinking of hiring a hitman.

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  • Sounds like my boyfriends mother. I have the same amount of hate for her the same you have for your girlfriends mother. She makes him clean the house, cook, steals his cigarettes, still owes him 10,000 cause she had a bad gamleing problem but shes too overweight to have a job. My boyfriend doesnt have leukemia but he has a 2 year old girl and 3 jobs. He had to borrow money off his mother to get one of his jobs started (he had to go to training far away, he only borrowed 30.00) paid 10.00 back. Then she posted a status on fb about how unappriciated she was and wanted all pity for her. She doesnt do a single thing in the house besides eat and make messes! Funny when i posted about it...i got nothing but hate on here and your getting support. I almost want to kill her slowly by getting her mcdonalds all the time and just waiting for her arteries to clough. She a bitch and really hateful.

  • Chill bruh

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