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I'm kind of a smart guy and a nerd and I'm really REALLY skinny and shy, I've never had a girlfriend. Every time my parents asks me how am I , I say that I'm fine but actually I'm not. The fact that I've no girlfriend and only a few friends makes me sad. Sometimes I cry into sleep.

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  • i'm a nerdy girl. i'm smart, i love reading and art, i'm a total introvert, oh and i'm short. i've never had a boyfriend, and i've never had anyone have a crush on me of my knowledge. makes me wonder if something is wrong with me, since guy aren't interested in me. and i often feel lonely and sad and don't have many friends either...and i cried myself to sleep just a few days ago. we sound quite a like

  • How old are you? If your only in highschool sweetie...trust me it gets better in someways especially friends and you will get girlfriends.

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