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Boys can be such a fuc*ing mystery. My boyfriend pleaded with me to move in with him. I did so to give it a go plus we've been dating for years, then when I do all he does is just go on his laptop all night and if suggest him spending sometime with me, because after all he did ask me to move in with him, he gets defensive and calls me clingy. Btw when he's gaming which is nearly every night, pretty much all night he doesn't even want to me to watch for too long or distract him. So completely annoyed the other night I suggested me moving out for a few weeks to see if living apart would be better for us after all. He then starts sobbing and accuses me of abandoning him and never having loved him. What the hell?

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  • Sounds kinda like a manchild. If he won't listen to reason then there's no helping him.

  • He's like my ex, a game addict. Won't spend time with me because of f*cking games, I play too but I know my limits. Leave him seriously.

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