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My boyfriend stopped reading my whatsapp texts three weeks ago. At first I figured he might need some time alone or that he had exams or whatever, I let him have it. After two weeks tho, I couldn't take it anymore because I really missed him and I was starting to worry that something was wrong with him and I texted him the regular way. His number appeared invalid. Ok, he left me. No, dumped me. I'm a mess and I really wish it didn't happen this way because I wanted a chance to let him know how awesome he is to me and how much he helped me making me feel loved for the whole time it lasted. I'm really sorry I wasn't good enough for him. And I'm also sorry for myself because I'm not able to get over him and to hate him for the way he chose to break up with me.

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  • Send him a letter in the mail.

  • If I am a mean robber, maybe I'll delete/deactivate everything, well, if you are friends with his family on fb or any other site, try asking them if he's ok and you are just concern because he did not contacted you anymore, and you don't want anything from him. Then if he's ok and really did remove you, just wait for his karma.

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