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My boyfriend looks at other women and makes comments to me about how "hot" they are. This makes me feel very uncomfortable and self conscious about my own body as I don't have a perfect body like all the women he stares at. I've confronted him about it saying you can look but don't tell me about them because it makes me feel bad and all I get in response is "too bad". This happens every time we go out in public. How hard is it to keep comments to yourself, I don't like feeling like I'm not good enough. I'm not being unreasonable am I?

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  • I think that the belief that, its ok to look or admire other women as long as he's with you because he chose you is not okay and will never be okay, unless you share the same belief. For me looking/staring at other women while you are together is a big disrespect, it can lower one's self esteem. It happened to me way way back with my ex, and it took years, 5 to be exact,(3 yrs. wasted to ex)to get my self esteem back but there are times I tend to feel insecure again.

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