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People who refer to their animals as their "babies" and themselves as "parents" are fucking deluded. When I hear someone say that it reminds me of my abusive mother the crazy cat lady. I despise people like her.

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  • And they despise you too little curmudgeon

  • I can't have children anymore and after a few miscarriages me and my husband gave up on having "children". One day driving down the road while planning to kill myself ( I was in a very sad,black place for a while) this dog came running out in the street. We saved her just like she saved me that day and we had her for 12 years, she was my "baby" but just this week we had to put her to sleep because her kidneys were gone. I'm sorry your mom was a bit* to you but not everyone is the same way! Don't judge one person on the actions of another. You would be surprised on how we spoiled her!

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