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I want to try online dating, but I'm nervous. Mainly I'm afraid I'm going to meet a psycho. And also, I feel like online dating is a form of giving up, like I wasn't good enough to actually go out and meet people on my own so this is my final option before barrenness and fresh. I don't know what I should do... but I'm tired of being lonely.

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  • you can never meet a real love in online dating its just a happy hour thing better communicate with people around you :)

  • omg, i'm going thru the same thing with you! I'm also dead scared of meeting serial killers of psychopaths... but I don't think online dating is a form of giving up. my sister who tried it had met a few great ppl (dating potentials) eventhough she does meet lots of those desperate psychos. I had also given up but seeing how happy she is meeting these few great ones gave me hope. so i'm going to give it a go again. just need to be extra careful.

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