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My ex broke up with me a month ago for a guy who is going nowhere in life. To incorporate how I felt about it, I went and tucked 2 of her friends. Now I refuse to be in a relationship, which is one of the first things I'll tell a girl. When they ask why, I explain; they all absolutely understand, and reflect back with their own experiences. After that, I pretty much make them into a fuck buddy/friend, no strings attached; is this wrong?

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  • I mean having that kind of relationship is fine as long as both agree to it. But be careful if that is what you really want. One person should not change your entire outlook on relationships. Moreover, sometimes people say they are okay with that type of relationship and turns out they either fall in love/develop feelings/actually want to have a relationship and just not tell you. Like someone once said, if you developed feelings for the wrong person imagine how much better it will be when you have them for the right person who has feelings for you too. I had a guy screw me over once and swore off relationships but then my current boyfriend made his way into my life unexpectedly and now we are in love and still going strong. (This was a guy who had trainwrecks of relationships as well but I guess I changed him, we plan to get married in a couple of years :))

  • No, it`s not. From personal experience, everything might turn out okay. 2 years ago I met a guy that told me he doesn`t want a relationship for various reasons. I wasn`t looking for a relationship either. We were fuck-buddies for about 3 months when he told me he doesn`t want me going out with other guys. It`s been 2 years and we`re crazy for each other.

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